Garden City Runners Annual Awards 2018

Award Winner Runner Up Runner Up
Jan Avery Trophy Helen Paine Carol Reid Rebecca Barden
Jan Avery Runner Ups Charlotte Jones, Julie Kean, Maggie Wright, Shena Lancaster, Hannah Frank, Hayley Conolly, Jane Molloy
Ted Avery Trophy Tom Wackett Russell Casey Michael Paine
Ted Avery Runner Ups Steve Ellerd-Elliot, Neil Hume, Steve Button, Dai Selwood, Rob Dilley, Richard Darley, Rob Casserley
Midweek Road Race League – Competitive Women Martha Hall Caroline Hale Hannah Frank
Midweek Road Race League – Participation Women Martha Hall, Caroline Hale, Hannah Frank, Rachel Hickey, Hayley Connolly, Helen Paine, Carol Reid, Emily Hammond
Midweek Road Race League – Competitive Men Neil Hume Craig Brown Bruce Judge
Midweek Road Race League – Participation Men Neil Hume, Craig Brown, Bruce Judge, Paul Guy, Rob Casserley, Tom Wackett, Adam Wadley, Sean Bowen, Richard Somerset, Steve Ellerd-Elliot, Alan Routledge, James Bolton, Neil Matthews, Michael Paine, Ali Eroglu, Yohan Preis
Sunday League XC – Competitive Women Veronica Shadbolt Hannah Frank Bethan Mose
Sunday League XC – Participation Women Hannah Frank, Bethan Mose, Veronica Shadbolt, Shena Lancaster
Sunday League XC – Competitive Men Jack Tann Chris Jones Rob Casserley
Sunday League XC – Participation Men Jack Tann, Brad Smith, Steven Edwards, Chris Jones, Rob Casserley, Chris Eland, Sean Bowen, Michael Paine, Ali Eroglu, Dave Edwards, Andy Shadbolt, Dai Selwood, Rob Cartwright
Most Promising New Male Jack Tann
Most Promising New Female Jen Hill
Most Improved Male Michael Paine
Most Improved Female Becca Hayden
Star Beginner Tom Parmley
Representation Award Martha Hall – For representing Herts in the National Inter Counties XC in March plus Inter Counties 10k at Brighton in November and England Masters 10k at Birmingham in May
Excellence Award Chris Eland – Bob Graham Round circa 25,000 feet over 66 miles taking in 24 Fells in under 24 hours
Excellence Award Denys Baudry – 500 marathons and the most marathoned Frenchman
Special Award Elaine Giles – 100 half marathons
Special Award Kath Evans – NHS 1000 miles initiative
Special Recognition Award Craig Stephenson – race director
Bouncing Back Award Terry Fowler
Club Member of the Year Peter Harvey
GCR Club Runner Sean Bowen