Training details

GCR believes that runners and joggers of all abilities should enjoy and be supported in their running, regardless of their goals or reasons for taking part. Regular training sessions are central to the club and suit every type of runner, speedy or not so. We welcome everyone, whether you are striving to improve, are training for a particular event or are content to maintain your current fitness level. One week you may choose to push yourself and another you may wish to do a steady sociable run. We try to cater for everyone. In the summer there are some lovely off-road running routes in the country around Tewin and Panshanger Park. In the winter the runs are mainly around Welwyn Garden City.

Take a look at our programme below and see which sessions suit you


The Tuesday and Thursday evenings are our club’s core midweek training sessions.

Steady runs and the Tuesday interval session start at 6:30pm on Tuesdays.

There are normally six group runs on Tuesdays; 5k, 7k, 8k, 9k, 10k, & 12k. Each is lead by an experienced Club Member. The pace is set so that you cover the distance in an hour, e.g. the 8km group will typically run at 12min/mile (8.5min/km). All sessions meet at Ridgeway Academy in the Dance studio at 6.15pm, ready to run at 6.30pm.

On Tuesdays at 6:30pm there is an interval session focusing on speedwork and improving race performance, the details of this are emailed and posted on Facebook a few days before. There is always the option to meet at Ridgeway and jog to the start location.


There are normally three group runs on Thursdays; a social 5k, a speed session for runners who run slower than 10 min/mile (6min/km) and an 8-10k steady group run. Each is lead by an experienced Club Member.

These runs meet at Campus West, outside the library , AL8 6AJ at 6.30pm

There also is a track session held at Gosling Sports Park, AL8 6XE starting at 8pm. These sessions include a warm-up and cool down stretches, as well as the session.

You can train with us in safety, with no-one left behind, and you’ll be amazed at the steady improvement you will make. These sessions would also be ideal for anyone training for events such as Race for Life and the many other organised races that take place in Hertfordshire and beyond.

For more information, please contact:


A long steady run takes place every Sunday morning in the countryside and is usually between 8 and 12 miles . The time and meeting point is posted on Facebook.


Garden City Runners are based at the Sports Centre at Ridgeway Academy.

Sports Centre
Ridgeway Academy
Herns Lane
Welwyn Garden City

The entrance to the Sports Centre car park is via Appletree Way, opposite Daniels, off Herns Lane. There are 45 parking spaces.

Please note:
Do not use the laybys outside the Sports Centre. Use the school car park if sports centre is full.