Group Runs – Risk Assessment

How to carry out a risk assessment

This template is a tool to help you plan and lead group runs safely. You must do a risk assessment for each run.

• Use the template to assess whether your group run is safe to go ahead.
• We’ve included suggestions for the ways to control the risks – you do not need to tick every box. The important
thing is to identify the potential hazards and note the actions you will take to reduce the risk.
• It’s important to carry out a risk assessment before the run takes place
• Think about the different types of hazards and risks. We’ve included some common examples, but think carefully
about your own run in case anything needs adding.
• Examples of other risks might include flooded paths, after heavy rain for example

Please complete a copy for every session and keep this for 1 year after the date of the run.

Download the Risk Assessment HERE.